WP Dev Suite Review

WP Dev Suite Review: There are two Front End Offers & 3 WP Dev Suite Upsell aka OTO (One Time Offers). The 1st OTO is WP Code Boss, the 2nd is Drag and Drop Boss, the 3rd is Video Ad Boss. Please find all the information and Links Here >>>

wp dev suite review

WP Dev Suite OTO & Upsell Links

Front End:
=>> WP Dev Suite Front End

OTO 1 (WP Code Boss):
=>> WP Dev Suite OTO 1

OTO 2 (Drag ‘n Drop Boss):
=>> WP Dev Suite OTO 2

OTO 3 (Video Ad Boss):
=>> WP Dev Suite OTO 3

WP Dev Suite Review

WP Dev Suite Is A Complete Software Business-In-A-Box Solution. Go From Zero To Your Own Lucrative Software Empire In 2 Easy Steps:
Enter the software market in under 60 seconds: Create your very own rebranded plugins, from a bank of 50+ and start marking money instantly,
Dominate the software market for years to come: Using our highly developed plugin creator & editor with full training to show how to use it.

With This Simple, Fast and Game-Changing WP Plugin Building Robot You Can Generate Premium WP Plugins With Just A Few Clicks Of The Mouse:
eCommerce Plugins, Social Networking Plugins, Utility Plugins, Form Plugins, Gallery Plugins, Widgets Plugins, Calendar Plugins, SEO Plugins, Forum Plugins, Newsletter Plugins, Media Plugins, Membership Plugins, Advertising Plugins.

WP Dev Suite is Simple and Fast:
To Get Started,
To Create WP Plugins,
To Sell Them.

Build Your Own 6-7 Figure Software Business Empire Using Just The Following 5 Fast & Easy Steps:
Step 1: Select plugin on WP Plugin Boss,

Step 2: Rebrand plugin with your details,
It’s as easy as 1 2 3: Click on ‘Rebrand this Plugin’, Fill out your details, Click on Create Plugin.

Step 3: Sell your plugin and profit,
We’ve come up with 7 strategies, proven to pull you in BIG profits:
Sell your plugins on CodeCanyon, Sell your plugins own website, Sell your plugins on WarriorForum as a WSO, Sell your plugins on JVZoo through affiliates, Use your plugins to build your email list, Give away your plugins on WordPress.org, Give away your plugins as an enticing bonus with affiliate offers.

Step 4: Add extra functionalities,
Make your existing plugins more unique and powerful, Cheap plugins you have bought from the market to sell on for high profit margins, Free PLR plugins to turn them into sought-after plugins that website owners are happy to pay for, Keep a high-ticket client happy who wants specific, custom functions added.

Step 5: Create unique plugins and themes,
Create a hybrid plugin that provides an all-in-one solution where the market currently has hot-selling single solution plugins,
Create a brand new plugin or theme based on a current in-demand plugin / theme that has no other competition,
Create a brand new plugin or theme as per the specifications of a particular client.

Here Are Just A Few Examples Of The Sought-After WP Plugins You Can Rebrand As Your Own In Under 60 Seconds With WP Dev Suite:
WP Charts: This plugin lets a site owner add charts to any of their posts or pages (through Google API),

WP Crawler Boss: WP Crawler Boss allows someone to spy on a specified URL (such as a competitor’s) and find out things like what back links they have, what WordPress themes they are using, the top keywords on their site etc,

WP Invoice Boss: WP Invoice Boss allows a site owner to create great-looking and highly personalized pricing pages for their clients,

WP Related Posts: This plugin lets a site owner ensure their visitors stay glued to their website, by effortlessly showing posts related to what a visitor has just been reading, to increase engagement and trust,

WP Upcoming Posts: This is a great way for a site owner to entice their visitors into future interesting content, and motivate them to return to the site for future posts, or sign up to their newsletter or RSS feed so they don’t miss out. Increases engagement and brand loyalty,

WP Fancy Popups: Allows a site owners to quickly and effortlessly create pop-ups to attract their visitor’s attention, such as popups only for specific posts and pages, adding images, video or optin forms to popups, timer function to display popups at a certain time, and much more,

WP Contest Pro: WP Contest Pro allows a site owner to seriously increase the number of visitors and amount of engagement, by using this plugin to easily create a contest. The winner is the person who has shared their website links the most, thereby increasing site visibility and reach, as well as helping to build their email lists full of potential customers,

Hide WP Version: Many site owners run older versions of WordPress to preserve compatibility with critical plugins. WordPress displays which version is currently installed on the website header, which is one of the key things a hacker looks for to make hacking into a website easier. This plugin allows the site owner to hide which WordPress version they are currently using,

WP Google Maps: This plugin allows a site owner to easily add in a Google-powered map to their posts and pages, just by pasting in the URL provided on the map page,

WP Total Users: A wonderful social proof plugin which allows a site owner to show off how many users they have on their website. This plugin will automatically show the total number of registered users in a widget.

This Is The True Future-Proofing For Your Software Business:
Complete, unrestricted access to every feature in WP Dev Suite – Value $297
From novice to java script guru in 2 weeks – Value $50
Fail-Safe Plugin Outsourcing – Value $147
Total Value: $494

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